365 madness

i'm going to post my 365 pictures so far. i want to see what they all look like in order, haha. Collapse )

so it's not up to date totally, i still have to upload some pictures from the last couple of days. but up until yesterday i was super, super behind (i still had a bunch of vancouver pictures from weeks ago to get through) so i feel pretty great about finally catching up a little.

so! i'm sick and it's gross but there's kleenex with lotion and vicks, so it's not so bad. it's been weirdly snowing off and on. wtf, march.

i'm reading farley mowat for the first time since i was little and i love his writing. i want to write like him.

neil gaiman and amanda palmer are getting married. too cool.

oh, coffee's done.

erotic city, come alive

just a quick update before i go to bed!

just wanted to say that i've started doing the 365 project, and i think everyone else ever should do it too. here is my first week: Collapse )

so, yeah. :)
also, i saw avatar in 3d. it was so gorgeous i didn't know what to do with myself.

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new years! have to clean, organize, plan.
all i want to do is read.

bought the original genus edition of trivial pursuit for 2$:

pretty excited about that. Collapse )

this way

i just spent an hour editing my profile on neopets. fucking neopets.

anyways, here is what i believe to be the epitome of what is best about christmas:

pre-christmas dinner

yum. :)

2010 is coming. we turn 20 this year.

like a hammer

lj updates left and right!

haha, i haven't updated this thing in a while. i don't even know why. nothing to write about?

christmas is coming up fast and i still haven't planned for it. well, i guess i have, but i don't feel prepared.

Collapse )

i wish it would snow. but at the same time i don't, because that means i have to wear boots. but i prefer snow to ice.


ps: let's post our desktops. Collapse )
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night of the vampire

one of my favourite things about fall is that i always remember (sometime in october) that it's the season for apple juice and fireball all warmed up and gorgeous and in my mouth. ohhhh god.

what's everyone doing for halloween? costumes? tricking and/or treating? dish the digs! and, because i'm bored, i'm going to upload some shizz.
get ready for the biggest imagedump in the history of the world. not really but kind of maybe nsfw.
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and a song:

roky erickson - night of the vampire!